eXp Realty Revenue Share is an exciting opportunity for real estate agents, brokers, and team leaders from all over the country to build an additional stream of income while still earning commissions from selling real estate.

eXp Realty agents can earn residual income from productive agents sponsored into their overall group.

As an example: If you personally sponsor 5 productive agents to eXp and they sponsor their own productive agents, then you can earn up to $3,200 annually for each of those other agents.


Revenue share is paid by company dollars and doesn’t reduce agent commission.


There is no limit to the amount an agent can earn.

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Exp Realty’s Revenue Share has 7 layers, this is called your Revenue Share Group. The first level, are the agents that you personally sponsored, meaning you have introduced them to eXp and have signed on to eXp with you as their sponsor. The second level are agents that your level one agent’s have signed and recruited. This is the same outline for all 7 layers.


The percentage per agent and per level changes for each level. For example, you receive 4.0% of the commission on your second level compared to the 3.5% you get from your level one agent’s. Why is this you ask? Exp curated this model to motivate sponsoring agents to continue to provide growth and expertise to their level one agent’s. By doing so they encourage their level one agent’s to peruse recruiting while still having an active and successful career in Real Estate.

The above chart shows the percentage per agent you will receive along with the minimum amount of agents per layer needed to qualify for the revenue share program.